Thank you for your interest in adopting a rabbit! As we are a small, home-based rescue our capacity for rabbits is not huge, so we only have one or two rabbits in our care at one time. This does mean, however, that they get plenty of space and attention, and we get to know them and the kind of home they would suit best very well.

Below you will find details of our rabbit adoption policy and the current rabbits in our care. We offer a full bonding service for anyone adopting a rabbit from us as a partner for their current rabbit.

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We are a member of BaBBA Campaign’s Ethical Rescue Standard, and further information on our adoption requirements can be found in the drop-down section below
🐰 Our rabbits are neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption.
🐰 We ensure that our rabbits are bonded with other rabbits, either at the rescue or in their new home.
🐰 Home-checks are carried out and a minimum space of 60sq ft is required.
🐰 Our adopters are offered life-time support and rabbits must be returned to our care if circumstances change.
🐰 We have a no-kill policy – healthy rabbits will not be euthanised
🐰 We do not receive money from pet retailers and rely entirely on public donations.
🐰 We are against the breeding and selling of rabbits.

Rabbits Looking for Homes

  • Marigold

    Name: Marigold
    Breed: Mini lop
    Sex: Female (neutered)
    Age: Born Oct 2021
    Status: Available for bonding from 3rd May

    Marigold came into our care as she had been sold to her unsuspecting previous owner alongside a mis-sexed male. Thankfully we were able to spay Marigold shortly after she arrived with us so she didn’t have to produce any babies when only a young bunny herself.

    She is a friendly, cheeky and inquisitive rabbit who loves her timothy hay and forage. Like most rabbits, she isn’t a fan of being handled and appreciates being allowed to interact with humans on her own terms.

    During Marigold’s neutering procedure, the vet noticed she did have some calcium sludge in her bladder, so we switched her to a low calcium diet (no pellets, plenty of hay and being careful not too feed too many high calcium greens), and she has been fine since. This diet will need to continue in her new home.

    Marigold is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped, and will be ready to bond with a neutered & vaccinated male rabbit from 3rd May.

    Housing requirements: 24/7 access to a minimum 60 sq ft (3m x 2m) bunny proof and predator proof enclosure. Please read our care advice pages to ensure you can meet our requirements prior to applying to adopt.