Thank you for your interest in adopting a rabbit! As we are a small, home-based rescue our capacity for rabbits is not huge (especially as we refuse to hutch them!), so we only have one or two rabbits in our care at one time. This does mean, however, that they get plenty of space and attention, and we get to know them and the kind of home they would suit best very well.

Below you will find details of our rabbit adoption policy and the current rabbits in our care. We offer a full bonding service for anyone adopting a rabbit from us as a partner for their current rabbit.

Rabbits Looking for Homes

Name: Ralph
Breed: Himalayan
Age: Approx 2 years
Sex: Male
Status: Available for bonding from 11th December

Ralph is an approx 2 year old male Himalayan rabbit, who came into our care after he was found being kept in a dog crate in a back yard without sufficient shelter or bedding. Due to his unsuitable living environment, he was overweight and had overgrown nails, but has been working hard to slim down and a friend to binky around with would really help with this! He is friendly once he gets to know you and very good at being handled for health checks/nail clipping.

Ralph is neutered and fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2 and will be ready to start bonding with a neutered & fully vaccinated female bun from 11th December. We offer a full bonding service for adopters who are not confident with bonding themselves.

Ralph can live indoors or outdoors with his new wife-bun. Our minimum housing size requirement for a pair of buns is 60sq ft. Outdoor enclosures must be fox proof and provide sufficient shelter for the winter months. Check out our housing page for more advice.

If you have a lonely female rabbit looking for a husbun, click Apply to Adopt Me above!