Thank you for your interest in adopting a hamster! Below you will find details of our hamster adoption policy and the hammies we currently have in our care who are looking for new homes. 

Hamsters Looking for Homes

Name: Nibbles
Species: Roborovski hamster
Age: Approx 1 year
Sex: Male
Status: Available for Adoption!

Nibbles is very active, and loves burrowing and running in his wheel/flying saucer. He is happy to walk out of a tube onto a hand, but can sometimes be a little nippy if a hand approaches while in his cage. He would therefore be best placed with an adopter with hamster experience who can respect that he won’t always want to be handled. With time and patience, his handling of course may improve!

He is an absolute joy to watch zooming around his cage or playpen and we have fallen in love with him here. Whoever adopts this little man is a very lucky person.

Housing requirements: 80x50cm with a 20cm wheel and plenty of safe substrate for burrowing/nesting in.

Name: Pixie
Species: Roborovski hamster
Age: Approx 9 months
Sex: Female
Status: Available for Adoption

Pixie is an approx 9 month old female roborovski hamster. She is very petite and speedy, and like many robos isn’t keen on being handled, but once settled in her cage/playpen, is a confident explorer!
Pixie is currently living in a 100x50cm zoozone2 cage, so she will be looking for a similar sized set-up in her new home. As she is so small, her set-up will need narrow bar spacing (0.7mm) or to be a tank/tank style (like the zoozone 2 or Maxi Duna Multy).

Name: Munchkin
Species: Roborovski hamster
Age: Approx 1 Year
Sex: Male
Status: Available for Adoption

Munchkin is an approx 1 yr old male roborovski hamster. He is good at being handled, but still speedy as you would expect from a robo, so would be best being handled by adults/teenagers.

Munchkin is looking for a home with minimum set-up size of 80x50cm.