Thank you for your interest in adopting a hamster! Below you will find details of our hamster adoption policy and the hammies we currently have in our care who are looking for new homes. 

Hamsters Looking for Homes

Name: Star
Species: Syrian hamster
Age: Born 24.12.19

Shortly before Christmas, we took in a female Syrian hamster. Holly, who arrived pregnant and gave birth to 12 pups on xmas eve. The pups will be ready for adoption (individually) at 7 weeks of age, on 11th February. We are happy to start considering potential adopters now, with a view to reserving the hammies so they can go off to their forever homes at 7 weeks.

The absolute minimum cage size required for each hamster is 80x50cm unbroken floor space (i.e. all on one level). Some hamsters may end up requiring more space than this, in particular, we often find that 80x50cm just isn’t enough space for females as they start showing signs of stress such as bar chewing. The more space you can give the better. Please bare this in mind when considering adopting! Please see our housing advice pages for some ideas: https://www.tinypawsmcr.org.uk/advice/hamsters/