Macadamia & Almond

Name: Macadamia & Almond
Sex: Female
Age: Macadamia & Almond – age unknown, guesstimate under 1 yr
Status: Available for adoption

Macadamia & Almond came to us from a large case of unintentional breeding where over 100 mice were removed from one household after an original pair of mice were mis-sexed!

Macadamia had an upper respiratory infection followed by a head tilt which were both treated with antibiotics, the latter needing a 6 week course which she has now finally finished and is back to her normal mousey self so the group can finally now look for a home.

Macadamia is wonderful to handle (she even let the vet look right into her ears with an otoscope when she was examined for her head tilt!), while Almond is much speedier and a bit less keen on being picked up but is good to handle once you’re hold of her

The girls were initially listed for adoption with Macadamia’s 2 daughters, Pistachio and Cashew, however they very sadly unexpectedly passed away with no known cause/obvious signs. We believe this is highly likely to be as a result of inbreeding. Macadamia and Almond have been monitored closely following this and both appear well so we are happy to relist them for rehoming.

Housing requirements: The girls have been housed in a zoozone 2 at the rescue, so we are looking for a home where they will be housed in a setup of no smaller than 100x50cm. We would also like them to join at least one additional mouse for extra company.



Name: Renn
Species: Gerbil
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 yrs
Status: Available for adoption – to bond with another single gerbil

Renn came into our care in May and later gave birth to two babies. She finished her mothering duties and we did attempt to reintroduce her to her now neutered male partner but unfortunately this was unsuccessful so she is now looking for a home with a new friend.

Renn can live with a single female or neutered male gerbil and will need to be introduced via the split tank method. This can be carried out here at the rescue, or support and advice can be given for adopters wishing to bond at home.

Renn is very friendly and easy to handle!

Housing requirements: Tank size of 100cm l x 50cm w x 40cm d.